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Acerola - Cuisine and Brazilian specialties

It is in the heart of the Krutenau district, known for its good food and its warm atmosphere, that the restaurant Acerola has settled. In the Rue du Renard Prêchant, a stone's throw from Zurich's main square, a door opens onto the Brazilian sun.

The decor is simple and elegant. Some typical objects nestle everywhere as a nod to the many facets of the country. With family, friends, colleagues, etc. All occasions are good to get together around a good Brazilian dish!

The restaurant Acerola welcomes you and invites you for a culinary journey in this great country that is called Brazil.The Brazilian gastronomy is the fruit of cultural encounter or mix dendê (virgin palm oil), cassava indigenous and olive oil from the Portuguese.

It is in Brazil and more in Bahia, bay of todos os santos (bay of all the saints), that we take you. Highly flavored dishes made from coconut milk, fresh coriander and palm oil color the cuisine of this region, renowned throughout the country for its specificity and its very strong identity.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover in our small restaurant this traditional, family and warm food. We wish you a good trip to this tip of Brazil that we know and love for its authenticity and simplicity.

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